Global warming: Europe engaze

Two years after the Paris Agreement, and by the time the French capital hosts the summit One Planet, a gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Italy Tuesday should benefit from an unprecedented funding from the European Investment Bank.

The same day of the climate summit organized by the Elysée Palace on 12 December, the European Investment Bank (EIB) should provide the largest loan in its history: 1.5 billion euros for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline ( TAP). A highlight: natural gas is a fossil fuel whose operation is highly emitting methane. According to NASA, the emissions from this highly polluting gases are responsible for over a third of global warming since the mid-seventeenth century. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), meanwhile, has already provided a loan of one billion euros for the exploration of one of the largest gas fields in the world: Shah Deniz 2 in Azerbaijan. This is where we get the APR. The EBRD is considering new aid to 1.5 billion euros. The APR is the European segment of the gigantic South Corridor pipeline, meant to carry Azerbaijani gas from the Caspian Sea. In June 2013, the pipeline was awarded the label “project of common interest” by the European Commission under the Juncker plan on infrastructure financing. According to the Energy Union, it would open one of 12 energy corridors identified as “essential” to allow diversification of supply sources and energy security in the European Union.

olive trees uprooted

Only, in this status, the project is expected to also help to “reduce CO2 emissions.” “The European Commission has admitted not having done the climate impact study on this pipeline, says Adriana Paradiso, the NGO Counter Balance, which oversees investments of public banks. If it did, it should have recognized that it does not respect the commitments of the Paris climate agreement. But as the APR is one of the most important projects of the Energy Union, the Commission does not want to give up. ”

Since April, the town of Melendugno, after the Italian boot, is the scene of regular clashes between police and dozens of protesters. The reason: the huge gas pipe construction on the town. For Turkey, it should reach Italy after 878 kilometers through Greece, Albania and under the Adriatic Sea. A project valued at 45 billion euros. In Italy, the pipeline must be linked to other pipes that serve southern Europe. Only for this, 10,000 trees will be moved in the Puglia region. “This is madness, sighs Juliet Franco militant Committee No TAP, a citizen grouping opposing the book in Italy. Several engineers have assured us that the project was not viable technically. It passes through areas of high seismic risk. However, work has already begun in the sea and, despite a ban on construction during the tourist season, the operations continue. “In April, a hundred mayors from around Melendugno and the regional president sent a letter to the government demand the termination of the project. Without success. On the night of 3 to 4 July, violent clashes erupted in the small town where 42 trees were to be moved during the night, framed by police forces sent by the national government, but that local authorities are aware. “The 42 olive trees in early July displaced were uprooted in April. Because of demonstrators who blocked the site where the trees were stored TAP could not move in the nursery before the beginning of July, “then assured the TAP AG consortium in an email to Liberation. The same week, an international petition signed by figures such as Naomi Klein and Erri De Luca was launched by the NGO to demand that European public funds do not finance the pipeline.

“In the cold”

In February 2017, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said: “Our shared commitment to finish the South Corridor. This is a key priority for both sides [EU and Azerbaijan, ed]. “For Brussels, TAP is the most advanced project that would allow the EU to divest some of its dependence on Russian gas. In the first quarter 2017, deliveries of Russian gas to Europe approached record levels and covered 41% of imports, according to the European Commission. TAP aims to transport 10 billion m3 of Azerbaijani gas to Europe by 2020. Designed as an alternative to Nabucco titanic ultimately abandoned, which would link Turkey to Austria, South Corridor has been largely reduced. Its economic relevance was questioned face of a strong decline in European gas consumption between 2010 and 2014. Since 2015, it is bullish but should drop to its 2014 level in fifteen years, according to European Commission.

After fourteen years of consultations and despite starting work, the APR is not certain to succeed. “The decline in gas production in Azerbaijan is expected around 2025, says Marie-Claire Aoun, director of the Energy Center at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI). But the EU has no choice. It must diversify its imports because the European deposits, including the Netherlands, come to an end. “The country has seen its production fall by 10.5% between 2015 and 2016, according to Eurostat.

For fear of an energy crisis, Europe appeals excessive supply routes. In addition to Ukrainian pipelines, North Stream pipeline linking Russia to Germany and soon to be doubled, the continent has 200 billion m 3 of the capacity of non-liquefied gas (LNG) terminals, for a quarter of that amount imports. To Claude Turmes, Luxembourg Green MEP, “we do not need this pipeline. The European Court of Auditors has already accused the Commission of overstating its estimates of European gas consumption. Every day, the gas lobby in the corridors of Parliament to assure members that Europe will soon be back in the cold. ” In a report published in 2015, the European Court of Auditors showed that the successive Commission projections, made by an outside contract, have greatly overestimated the reality of consumption. “The Commission must restore the credibility of forecasts it uses” has therefore requested the Court.

Footprint Kremlin

Mark Fodor, the NGO Bankwatch, adds: “In Brussels, we will not acknowledge that this project has no economic relevance because there are too many diplomatic issues behind. So they sign our dependence on the long-term gas against all climate rationalism. “The European Commission is committed to the Azerbaijani power to carry out the construction of the pipeline. “It’s one of the worst regimes in the world, ensures the MEP Claude Turmes. EU puts its credibility at stake in the field of respect for human rights and transparency in doing business with President Ilham Aliyev. “In early March, the Transparency Initiative in the extractive industries has suspended Azerbaijan for its repeated abuse of human rights. “The Azerbaijani government continues to wage a vicious crackdown on opposition voices. Space for independent activism, critical journalism, and the political opposition was wiped out by arrests and conviction of many activists, defenders of human rights and journalists’, described to Human Rights Watch in its latest report on the country.

To escape its dependence on Russian gas, the EU is forced to turn to countries where respect for human rights is not brighter. “The gas is found largely in countries that do not have the same democratic standards as the EU develops Marie Claire Aoun, Ifri. These plans often depend on oil and gas revenues to establish their authority, like Turkmenistan, Iran, and Iraq, which are Europe pipeline reach. “The Southern Corridor also passes through Turkey, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan extended his authoritarian rule.

Moreover, Russia has no intention of seeing bloom competition. Agreements to allow Gazprom, the oil and gas state company, access to the South Corridor are already under discussion. The Italian government is negotiating with the Kremlin to have direct access to the resource and avoid German re-export hubs nibbling the market. In October 2016, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement on the realization of Turkish Stream, a gas pipeline should be related to the South European pipeline. Finally, the Russian company Lukoil, partly controlled by the state, is responsible for the extraction of gas from the Shah Deniz field 2. Moscow has thus already marked the project’s footprint.

The APR is also challenged because of the many expropriations of landlines in its path. Several legal proceedings are underway in Albania and Greece, where construction began. Complaints have also been filed with the EIB. A European bank, we are assured that “as with all projects it finances, the EIB applies in its review of the highest technical standards folder, economic, financial, environmental and social.” Yet the record is about ready although to be granted. In violation of the commitments that will announce the European Commission at the One Planet summit in Paris.

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Is It Actually Feasible To Get A Merchant Account For Totally Free?

If you have been thinking long about carrying out a business just by working from home all the while, the business associated with selling merchant accounts could be one of the best ideas. This is a chance for you to choose an employment kind you prefer. And you now have the option of seeking full-time work or part-time employment.

As selected suggests, with 1-hour payday loans no credit checks are needed, the lenders are not checking about credit story of any individual while they sanctioned the funds for the borrowers. Thus, it provides the flexibility to acquire any desired amount of fund with borrowers. Built is directed at be the most excellent financial solution for folks who be compelled to urgent cash to overcome their fiscal problems.

Once you have gotten your website, you will want to select a merchant account provider. This is easy to do. All you have to perform is head on over to PayPal, ClickBank, or 2checkout, plus sign up for an account so that you can begin selling on your website immediately. There are more merchant account services on the market, but these are the ones which are very good, and very easy to work together with.

You can certainly make use of payday loans via for dealing with your urgent expenses. They expenses include renovation of your house, breakage of your car, hospital bills and so on. In this particular advance, perfect lend what could range from 80 to 1500. Numerous have for you to become settled within 1 to 30 evenings. You should use the mind to pay back the amount along with the decision it.

Corporations offer free shipping or mixed shipping costs to tempt their customers. The company is losing profits on the product but they recognize that consumers are afraid of high shipment fees. Remember, almost all of the merchandise sold on the internet can be purchased in a brick and mortar store for merely no shipping. People merely search on the internet for convenience and the chance of a lower price – make use of this to your advantage!

Your online store is going to be live 24 hours a day. You shop will take orders even when you are usually asleep. But only if the available to your customers 24 hours a day. Your own service provider should aid you in ensuring appropriate reliable web hosting is provided. Software utilized is bug-free (error free) and reliable. Merchant service provider definition is PCI DSS up to date and has a secure very safe transaction policy. If your provider has no stock or sold-out item for an extended period, compared to how are you going to fulfill your own orders. Ensure you have enough, correct quantity and reliable tights of your products you intend to market.

Unprotected best merchant services company to work for. Be sure that the web page on which you ask website visitors to input confidential charge card information is secure. Secure purchase pages will have “https” within the address bar. With identification theft on the rise, your customers might be reluctant or even refuse to keep credit card information on an unsecured purchase page.

This control is then handed over to the PSP. The PSP next redirects the customer to a software, wherein he/she would have to key in the necessary details to complete the particular transaction. These details include the label of the customer, credit card quantity, CVV2 code, and cards expiry date. The information is incredibly securely transmitted to SONY PSP through the payment gateway, applying 128-bit encryption.

So if you really are a start-up business, look for a cheap solution but the one that offers support and help otherwise your business grows. A service supplier that will offer future improvements.

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How Debt Pay Outs Can Help Small Businesses

Small Business Debt Settlement – How Debt Pay Outs Can Help Small Businesses
Is definitely identity theft really that will serious? Thousands of people each year are victims of this awful crime. Thieves use your private information to commit fraud or even other crimes in your title and can cause significant credit score damage.

The majority of often, a creditor employs a debt collection agency to consider charge in collection particularly when a debt has long been previous its due. Worst component is some biggest debt collection agencies hotels harassment or unfair business collection agencies practices just to force someone to pay the amount they due for applying for individual payday loans.

Recession strikes the small sectors the most severe. Worst than the other areas that make credit holders look for alternative way to pay off their particular debts. Massive financial obligations make the economy in trouble as well as the government thinks about the incitement plan as a way to make points normal again.

What should you do when you suddenly find that your own collection agency for small business is going out hands? You get debt relief. Most small enterprises are owned and operate by sole proprietors. This can make the usual programs relevant to them.

Collection businesses are required to abide by certain laws and regulations. An understanding of these laws can help you when working with collection agencies. They are not allowed to threaten you along with jail time. No one should be subjected to verbal abuse. Research the particular laws in your state because collection agency laws vary. The more you understand about what they are allowed to perform, the better you can fight back whenever they break those rules.

When you do become unemployed, do not waste any time in making an application for whatever assistance that you can be eligible for a. This may include unemployment settlement payments, health benefits, food rubber stamps, women-infant-children (WIC) vouchers, plus occupational training. Benefits differ by state. Check with the local state offices and make an application for everything.

As with all things in every area of your life, it is best to take an informed method of whatever problem confronts a person. Learn what your legal rights are. Then with the reliable arm of the FDCPA in your favor, you can make bill collector nuisance stop.

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Stores in California

Stores in California

  • 7-Eleven
    985 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA 94558
  • A&W;
    72363 Baker Boulevard, Baker, CA 92309
  • AC Delco
    1100 W Comnwealth, Alhambra, CA 91803
  • AC Delco
    2946 Bristol, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  • Ace Cash Express
    500 West San Marcos, San Marcos, CA 92078
  • Ace Hardware
    3320 Mt Pinos, Frazier Park, CA 93225
  • Ace Hardware
    513 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020
  • Adecco
    955 East Birch Street Suite A, Brea, CA 92821
  • Adecco
    4820 South Eastern Avenue Suite O, Los Angeles, CA 91790
  • Aeropostale
    674 Northridge Center, Salinas, CA 93906
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